Egbert von Maltzahn

Egbert von Maltzahn is an Art and Culture Expert since 2006.

    Explore the fascination of art with me and be inspired by tailored consulting services!


    Immerse yourself in the enchantment of art, where personalized consulting services aim to inspire and guide you on a journey of aesthetic discovery. Unlock the full potential of your art experience with my expertise and passion for the world of creativity and expression.


    Experience the allure of art with the assurance of reliable appraisal and expert evaluation. My commitment is to provide trustworthy assessments, ensuring you make informed decisions in your art endeavors.


Please join me on social media for a journey through art history on Instagram and Facebook - Dive into the world of ART to deepen your appreciation.



Egbert Freiherr von Maltzahn


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Egbert von Maltzahn



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Egbert Freiherr von Maltzahn


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